This is where all good rogue cats go when they die. Cat Spirits who live in the Starry Skies are generally more powerful than the ones in the Place of Eternal Darkness. They live in a meadow lit by stars.


  • Pegasus - a white she-cat with blue eyes and snow white wings Roleplayer: Icy
  • Eurydice - a pretty silver she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayer:Icy
  • Persephone - a ginger she-cat with green eyes.  Roleplayer:Icy
  • Neoptolemus - a orange and red tabby tomkit with dark blue eyes.  Roleplayer: Icy
  • Aecus - a dark gray and black tabby tom with a white muzzle, underbelly, and paws. He has icy, pale blue eyes. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Penelope - a silver tabby she-cat with black stripes and cold, pale blue eyes. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Poseidon - Blue-gray tom with blueish colored tabby stripes.  Rped by Moss
  • Pheonix-a bright orange cat with dark black stripes. Roleplayer:Night
  • Oceanus- a blue she-cat with white and light blue spots. Rped by Dawn
  • Hephaestus - Smokey gray tomcat with ginger markings through his fur and orange eyes. Rped by Moss
  • Adridne- Cinder gray she-cat with a darker paws and head. Rped by Dawn
  • Pond silver she-cat with blue eyes. RPed by Dappleh
  • Apollo a ginger Tom with green eyes. rPed by Dappleh
  • Scarlet - White she-cat with blue eyes and black tipped ears.RPed by winx
  • Titan - gray and black tabby tom with dark green eyes.  Roleplayer: Icy

Roleplay PageEdit

The Place of Starry Skies/Roleplay

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