Chapter 1Edit

Bramblekit yawned and stretched, his eyelids sliding open, reveling brilliant amber eyes. His brown tabby fur was fuzzy and soft. Wow my eyes are open, everything is so amazing! Hmm do I look like Ma? He glanced at his creamish colored mother and frowned. No. He glared at his two brothers Ravenkit and Foxkit, who were both piled over him.  "Move you furball!" He squealed out and wriggled from the trap.  A small grin covered over his face as he explored the inclosed space that he was contained in.  Looks like thats Primrose, and her kits. He pointed out as he padded past the queens.  Two larger kits tumbled over him wrestling, making him growl in surprise.  "Hey! Its Bramblekit! His eyes are finally open!" One of the kittens called out and bounced over to him.  "Hi I'm Bluekit, and this is my sister Mousekit." Mousekit shyly approached him and made a small mew "Hi.."  "Hi! I'm Bramblekit!" He called out, his grin shining through.  "I-I'm M-Mouse-kit." She finished and stepped back.  TBC

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