The Unicorn is a strange character in the Rogue Roleplay.  It has no gender, but is called a "he."  It's pelt is pure white, and it has feathering on all four legs (long hair) as well as a small "beard" on his face.  He has no hooves although called a unicorn, and instead as nubs that have the feel of hard plastic.  His horn is in the center of his forehead, and is perfectly straight.  His tail is like a cats-tail and is very long.


The Unicorn was born from an egg that fell from the sky.  He aged rapidly to adulthood to fulfill his goal of defeating The Hydra

The Unicorn is a angelic-spirit created by the wish of an old woman who used to live in the city, but moved away as a young girl due to the pollution.  From her house, she saw the smoke stacks breathing their dreadful fumes into the old city again, and prayed that it would stop.  A force then created the unicorn, who was sent down to twoleg place in an egg, where he was found by the cats. 

The unicorn is still weak, but will grow in power enough to kill the Hydra.


The Unicorn is very mysterious and rarely speaks.  He sometimes has problems controlling his anger and frustration at himself.


  • The Unicorn is not really a true unicorn according to mythology, but has the overall appearance of one.

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