Project: Userbox

Objective: To make top-quality userboxes for this wiki's users to use.

Status: Active












                                                              The Code for a Userbox:                                                            
{{Userbox | border-c=#000000 | border-s=1| id-c=#666666| id-s=12| id-fc=#FFFFFF| id-op=| info-c=#777777| info-s=8| info-fc=#FFFFFF| info-lh=1.2em| info-op=| id=ID| info=Info}}

The Code For a Reverse-Userbox
{{Userbox-r |border-c=#000 |border-s=1 |id-c=#fff |id-s=12 |id-fc=#000 |info-c=#039 |info-s=8 |info-fc=#fff |id=ID |info=Content}}

The Code for a Double-Userbox
{{Userbox-2 |border-c=#000 |border-s=1 |id1-c=#fff |id1-s=12 |id1-fc=#000 |id2-c=#000 |id2-s=12 |id2-fc=#fff |info-c=#039 |info-s=8 |info-fc=#fff |id1=ID 1 |id2=ID 2 |info=Content}}

The Code for a Mini-Box

{{Userbox-m |border-c=#000 |border-s=1 |id-c=#fff |id-s=12 |id-fc=#000 |id=ID}}

List of TWCRW UserboxesEdit

All userboxes must have this categorie which also serves as a list:

General Userbox InfoEdit

Your Average Userbox:Edit

Userboxes are a multicolored box with a heading/"ID" in one side of the box and info in the other.


Test This userbox is a test.

An image can also be inserted to the ID section of the user box, but the image must not be larger than 60px.

Nothing offensive may be placed in userboxes, and only minor curseing is alowed (hell, damn, etc).

Character Trait Userboxes:Edit

This user boxes say: "This user is (incert trait here) like (incert character here)

What sets these userboxes apart is that each one has a specifically animated icon made by Icewish. These icons are supposed to represent the character's trait (or some just blink, really...)

If you would like to make one of these userboxes, please contact Icewish.  You will need to send her what you would like the userbox to say and a link to the character's page.  (These normally take at least an hour to make depending on the complexity, so please be patient.)

Example of Character Trait Userboxes:

Risingflower Icon This User is kind of a loner, like Risingflower
Lightningshadow Icon This User is seriously ticked off, like Lightningshadow

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