By: ICY TheOneAndOnly 19:43, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

These Silent WordsEdit

Your forked-tongue

Releases nothing but lies

That the flower so young

Curls up and dies

Your words mean nothing

And to you neither do mine

You won't stop 'till blood is gushing

And 'till Earth and Hell combine

Your strange fantasy

Is corrupting this soul

You fill my with agony

Why can't you just go?

You live in the darkness

Faking your perfection

I light the candle

Yet you do not learn your lesson

It's like talking to metal

It's like talking to coal

Your words do unsettle

And I fear I can never achieve my goal

You are a coward

You always run from attack

Yet you bask in blood for hours

Now how do you ever expect to advance?

How how you say everyone is wrong

Only your words are right

When your foolishness is gone

We will bring the light

I am cruel you say?

You beat down others for entertainment

You can't tell the difference between night and day

And there is no proof of your ignorant statement

Leave if you may

For these silent words

Have finally been spoken today

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