This character belongs to Moss
Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Aethra
Father Poseidon, Aegeus
Littermates Unknown
Mate Hippolyta (Formerly), Phaedra
Kit(s) Hippolytus, Acamus, Demophon
Roleplayer Moss

Theseus is a gray and black tabby tom with shiny green eyes.


Theseus was born to Aethra, daughter of a leader of a faraway land. His father, Aegeus, a leader of the city named Athens, had married Aethra, but Aethra had an affair with Poseidon. Both fathers gave Theseus his powerful characteristics. Aegeus left when he found out that Aethra was pregnant, and buried his weapons under a rock, telling Aethra that when their kit grew up, and moved the rock, if he was heroic enough, that Aegeus's stuff was his.

To be continued.


Coming Soon!


  • In Greek Mythology, Theseus was known to abduct women. Moss didn't make his cat form do that because she thought it was weird...
  • On the wiki version, Theseus's Wife, Phaedra, never fell in love with his other son, Hippolytus.
  • Theseus in fact, does have two fathers in Greek Mythology, and it's also possible for cats to have multiple fathers as well.

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