Just a quick story by le user that's Rated PG.

They said I can't

I was just another twoleg pet

I wouldn't last a moon

I was just a burden

No! I was always shunned

Only for what I thought was right

Why must they be cruel?

Why can't we have peace?

The claws pierced my mate

A relative's betrayal

A clan's cunning

Was rather daunting

Glaring eyes

Glinting fangs

All were a slashing

Hungry for blood

A streak of black and white

Came flashing by

All I could do

Was lay and watch

As a beast

Was slashing

All went black

A numbness in my leg

That was all?

A badger could've done worse!

Carnivorous ponies

How'd they come to being?

Many cats

Were left to die

And I couldn't take action

Due to a badger's smashing

Kits attacking

A leader and his mate

What became

Of today's generation?

I became a mentor

Not only that

I carried the weight

Of the clan

All on my shoulders

They said I can't

Be a better warrior

Be a better deputy

Be any more

Of an honest cat

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