Brief Description over Thornheart:

Thornheart has two brothers, who constantly tease him at his inability to attract his crush, Mistybreeze. He has golden fur. Thornheart is incredibly good-natured, but is rather clumsy and not good at talking to new cats. Thornheart is a brave warrior, but isn't the best at hunting.

Description Edit

Thornheart is a tall, short-haired, golden tom with jagged brown stripes. He has dark green eyes, and a pink nose. He has a stumpy tail -- born with it -- and small paws, that seem to be dipped in mud. Thornheart always has a smile on his face. His ears are tipped with dark brown, and the insides are a pink color, as light as his nose. He has a scar running over his back in a battle, and mini scars all over.

Personality Edit

Clumsy little Thornheart is constantly wanting his "love of his life," Mistybreeze. He admires and adores her, while Mistybreeze does not seem to care. Thornheart is the youngest of the litter of three, the other two being his older brother, Mudeye, the stubborn one, and Miceheart, the goofy one. Thornheart is constantly teased by them, but he responds by cuffing them in the ear.

Thornheart hates hunting. He is clumsy, and always seems to drive anything away. His mentor was always going on about hunting, so Thornheart doesn't enjoy it. Thornheart's biggest dream (apart from getting the attention over Mistybreeze), is to be the best warrior ever -- and maybe be deputy. He fears heights and dislikes being made fun of.

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