This character belongs to Tiger

Current Clan CaveClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit:Thrushkit


Mother Birdstorm
Father Oatfur
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Flashstar
Apprentice(s) None
Roleplayer Tiger

Thrushpaw is a sandy colored tom with green eyes and a white tail tip


Thrushpaw was born to Birdstorm and Oatfur. Oatfur died of greencough before Thrushkit was born and Birdstorm was killed by a fox when Thrushpaw was 3 moons old. Inside, he is sad that he has no parents but he hides it by acting happy. He then becomes good friends with Snowkit, who has a crush on him. Thrushpaw doesn't realize Snowkit likes him. His mentor is Flashstar, and he was shocked to become the leaders apprentice. Thrushpaw then develops a crush on Snowpaw, but is too scared to tell her.


He cares for everyone in the clan. Every night, Thrushpaw is kept awake with grief, sad that his parents are gone and wishing to be with them.


  • He is a very special RP character to Tiger
  • After he becomes a warrior, he may live as a rogue for a while, but not permanetly


Apprentice Ceremony:

"All cats gather around for a clan meeting" Flashstar called out. Thrushkit padded up to Flashstar. It's finally here. I'm becoming an apprentice! "Thrushkit from this day forward you will be called Thrushpaw, may StarClan your path through your apprentice ship. I will be your mentor" Flashstar said touching noses with Thrushpaw. The clan leader? Thrushpaw was shocked as he touched noses with Flashstar. The clan started to cheer "Thrushpaw! Thrushpaw!"