Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Kyoko
Father Unknown
Littermates Kyo, and Rin
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn

A small fawn brown she-cat with amber eyes. 


Tohru was born a runt. She ws the smallest out of her mother Kyoko's litter. She was one out of three, always being picked on by her larger brother Kyo. Her sister Rin always cared about her, and tried to protect her in the best way that she could. Every time Kyo called Tohru a name, Rin would cuff him and hiss at him. Tohru couldn't help her size, it was genetics. Tohru's father rejected her from the start when he found out that Tohru was special. Tohru could control fire. He left Kyoko because of Tohru, but that didn't affect Kyoko. 

Kyoko loved Tohru a lot and she wouldn't let a stupid tom bring her down. Tohru grew up with her mother until Kyoko passed away, from old age. Kyo left his family once he turned 7 moons. He became power hungry and created a gang of cats. Tohru and her sister stayed together until Rin was killed by Kyo. Tohru finally discovered how to use her powers and brutally killed Kyo, screaming and yelling, "Why did you kill her? What did she do?" By then Kyo was dead, along with his Gang. 

Tohru hid in the Twoleg place, scared that somebody would find out what she did. 


She is shy, timid, easyily frightened, kind (once she gets to know you) and pretty.

Icy's ArtworkEdit

Tohru Chibi Cat

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