Venus is a tall, thin, dark brown she-cat with amber eyes with a jade-green collar. She has been described as "pretty."


Venus was born and raised a kittypet. She was Paris' neighbor when he was a kittypet kit, and he disliked her for her vanity and arrogance (Paris was a lot more selfless when he was a kit). She sometimes leaves her house to make fun of the "inferior" rogues in the poorer part of her twoleg place (The same group of rogues that includes Achilles, Orpheus, Icy, etc.). Once they were a little older, Venus started showing feelings for Achilles, which caused Persephone to exhibit sheer, blistering fury towards her. Venus shortly asked Achilles out, and he polity declined, causing her to cry and him eventually saying yes. This causes Persephone to ignore both Venus and Achilles. After only about a week and noticing Persephone's distress (plus he never even remotely liked the she-cat, and actually loved Persephone), told Venus that they weren't suited for each other and that they should break up. Venus slashes Achilles in the face, runs back to her twolag place, tells everyone in the whole of twoleg place that Achilles is a cold-hearted monster and refuses to admit she had anything to do with him.

Today, Venus spends most of her time in the wealthy neighborhood in twoleg place, though she is still angry at Achilles to this very day.


  • She has a human form designed for the comic that Icy wanted to write but never did.
    • She wore an expensive green dress and expensive jewlry.
    • She had dark brown hair and amber eyes.
    • She hates animals with a passion and will hit them if they come near her (She's a b**ch, I know)
    • She had a pretty face and a thin body, but she was, eh... She had really tiny breasts. I can't speak for all people, but being bi an all, tiny boobs on top of being a bitch isn't attractive at all.

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