Windsong is a golden yellow tom with golden brown stripes on his back. He has short hair. He has vivid blue eyes. He got his golden coat from his father, Blazetrail. 

Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit- Windkit

Apprentice- Windpaw

Warrior- Windsong

Mother Winterleaf
Father Blazetrail
Littermates Petalfang
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Reedwhisker
Apprentice(s) Bramblepaw
Roleplayer Wotto3577


Windkit was born to Winterleaf and Blazetrail, both MossClan cats. Windkit became best friends with Acornkit, a fellow tom in the nursery. He always played with Petalkit, his sister, and Acornkit. The three had made up their own clan, SunClan, and used to play it all the time. When the three became apprentices, he got Reedwhisker as his mentor. He and Reedwhisker grew really close, and became good friends. Reedwhisker used to get really annoyed because Windpaw used to sing all the time. When he was only 8 moons old, his mother died because she ate a piece of fresh kill that had disease. He was so sad he stopped his training for a quarter moon. He then use his talent to express himself, by singing about his loss. He then received his warrior name, Windsong.


Windsong is cery gentle and kind. He treats everyone fairly. He is very intelligent and thinks things through. He is very clever but never uses it for bad. He's very generous and cares about others. He is super protective of his sister, but let's her make her own choices. He is very musical and sings a lot. He is a skilled hunter and a team player.

Windsong is very musical and likes to sing. He is also very smart


Mother- Winterleaf- Deceased, verified StarClan member

Father- Blazetrail- Alive

Mate(s)- None

Daughter(s)- None

Son(s)- None

Brother(s)- None

Sister(s)- Petalfang- Alive

Grandfather(s)- Blackstorm- Unknown


Grandmother(s)- Quailfeather- Unknown

Robinwing- Alive

Aunt(s)- Shallowwater- Alive

Skyfur- Alive

Uncle(s)- None

Brother-in-law- Acornfrost- Alive

Nephew(s)- Honeypaw- Alive

Frostpaw- Alive

Niece(s)- Ivypaw- Alive


  • His mother named him "wind" because when he was born, a giant gust of wind came out of nowhere.
  • He got "song" as his last part because he loves to sing.
  • His best friend is his sister's mate.
  • Windsong's eyes are blue just like his sister's, his mother's and father's.
  • Despite being younger and a lot smaller, Petalfang typically beats him in a fight.
  • He actually encouraged Acornfrost to ask Petalfang to be his mate.