Winterleaf is a beautiful she-cat with a pure white coat. She has blue eyes and luscious, fluffy fur.

Current Clan StarClan
Past Clan(s) MossClan
Names Kit- Winterkit

Apprentice- Winterpaw

Warrior- Winterleaf

Mother Quailfeather
Father Blackstorm
Littermates Shallowwater, Skyfur
Mate Blazetrail
Kit(s) Windsong, Petalfang
Mentor(s) Jadeshadow
Apprentice(s) Unknown
Roleplayer Wotto


Winterkit is the middle child of of three and was born to Quailfeather of MossClan and Blackstorm of . Winterkit had two sisters, Skykit, the oldest and Shallowkit, the youngest. She became best friends with Larkkit but Larkkit soon died along with her mother by greencough. When she became an apprentice, she got her mentor, Jadeshadow. Shallowwater felt that she didn't like MossClan, so she joined CaveClan. Winterleaf soon got her warrior name, Winterleaf. She met and fell in love with Blazetrail and they had two kits, Petalfang and Windsong. She later died after eating a piece of fresh-kill that had disease when her kit just became warriors.


Winterleaf is a super kind and extremely caring she-cat. Many people call her the nicest cat around. She is very agile and flexible but can zone off sometimes. She is very wise and intelligent. Winterleaf is a very quick she-cat with great strategies on the battle field and a great commander. She is also great at cheering people up.