Wolfen is a small (puppy) Golden Retriever/Husky mix. He has golden fur that fades into a creaminess color at his stomach. His eyes are brown and blue (blind in blue one), and one of his ears always flops down, he is also a long hair.


Wolfen was born to two unknown husky mix. Yet he was born a leashed dog, he ran away from home and found himself wandering around in the streets, looking for a food source. He lives in the twoleg streets of an abandoned city. He normally see's cats around, and because he is a puppy, they do not mind him. 


He is a kind, warm-hearted puppy. He has a joyful spirit and loves to play, yet he was also abused by his old two-leg owner, which also explains why he is blind in one eye.


  • He was abused by his two-leg owner, who was named John. 
  • He used to be a 'leashed' dog.
  • He is bipolar.
  • He has  acrophobia

Real Life ImageEdit

<- Him before he became blind.

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